Volunteer Policy

Policy Statement

Montgomery County Memorial Library utilizes the services of volunteers to supplement, and not to replace, the efforts of paid Library staff in meeting demands for quality public service. Volunteers aid the Library in making the best use of its fiscal resources and contribute to sound working relationships with community groups and organizations. Volunteers are liaisons to the community and by their contribution are advocates for quality Library service. The Library and its volunteers work together to meet the goals and mission of the organization. Volunteers are expected to act in accordance with Library policies and to exhibit positive customer service behavior with all Library patrons.


The following regulations apply to all Library volunteers with the exception of volunteers working directly with Friends of the Library groups.

  1. Applications are required for all Library volunteers.
  2. Applicants must be 13 years of age or older. Volunteers younger than 13 years old may be accepted at the discretion of the unit manager or supervisor. In that case, a parent or guardian must be present at all times.
  3. Applicants will be contacted for an assessment and, if selected to volunteer, will be required to attend an orientation session.
  4. Volunteers are selected based on their qualifications in relation to the needs of the Library at any given time. Acceptance of an application is at the Library’s discretion, and completing an application does not guarantee an available position.
  5. Volunteer applications may be subject to a Public Information Act request and would have to be released.
  6. The designated Volunteer Supervisor or Branch Manager is directly responsible for screening, interviewing and orienting the Volunteer, assigning specific duties and dealing with problems as they arise.
  7. The direct supervisor of a volunteer cannot be a family member.
  8. Volunteers must not assume nor should they in any way be given the impression that their work in the Library will ensure a future position as a paid staff member.
  9. Volunteers can receive no monetary reimbursement for their work nor are they eligible for any additional benefits such as insurance, hospitalization and Workman’s Compensation. The volunteer must clearly understand that the Library cannot assume any responsibility for loss or bodily injury while working as a volunteer in the Library.
  10. Volunteers will perform assigned task of sub-professional and/or clerical nature in connection with the standard routine of Library operations during the Library’s regular working hours.
  11. All informational questions must be referred to the librarians only. Work at the Circulation Desk, answering reference questions, and in general, directly assisting the Library patron are the duties of the Library’s regular paid staff, and should not be undertaken by the volunteer.
  12. Volunteers must follow the Patron Behavior Policy.
  13. Volunteers must follow the MCMLS shelver dress code. Clothes must be neat and clean. Shorts, sandals, hats, tube tops or offensive T-shirts are not allowed. Refrain from wearing low cut or revealing clothes. Closed-toed shoes are required.
  14. Dismissal—Volunteers may be dismissed. Reasons for dismissal might include but are not limited to:
    1. Refusal to follow instructions or act in accordance with Library policies and procedures
    2. Undependability
    3. Absenteeism and / or habitual tardiness
    4. Compulsive talking or ongoing extended periods of conversation
    5. Unruly behavior
    6. Inability to perform assigned tasks
    7. No volunteer supervisor available or no appropriate task available

(Effective date December 19, 2017)