Tours & Instructional Visits Policy

Policy Statement

Montgomery County Memorial Library System (MCMLS) welcomes school groups and civic organizations to visit the library in order to provide an appropriate introduction to the library facility, policies and the many materials, services and resources the library has to offer.


The following regulations apply to all group activities that impact Library Services and require staff involvement, including but not limited to Library Tours, Instructional Visits and Story Times. A Library Tour is a scheduled; staff-led orientation to library facilities, materials and services. An Instructional Visit is a scheduled hands-on, customized research opportunity.

  1. All groups must schedule at least 7 days in advance, 3 weeks is recommended.
  2. A request form is required for each library tour or instructional visit. Submitting a form does not guarantee that the request can be accommodated.
  3. Group size is contingent on staffing and space availability and will vary from branch to branch.
  4. Groups must have a suitable number of chaperones to maintain order and must supervise the members of the group.
  5. All group members must adhere to the Patron Code of Conduct.
  6. Groups arriving 15 minutes or more past their scheduled time may be required to cancel or reschedule their visit.
  7. Groups needing to cancel a scheduled tour/visit are asked to provide as much notice as possible. Groups that fail to show up without cancelling a scheduled visit may not be rebooked for future tours/visits.
  8. Unscheduled groups are not guaranteed customized staff interaction or entry into programs and classes.
  9. Types of Standard Tours
    1. Preschool/Lower Elementary Class Tour includes:
      1. Story for age level
      2. Building Tour
      3. Children will leave with program brochures.
    2. Upper Elementary/Middle School/High School Class Tour includes:
      1. Presentation of the Library
      2. Building Tour
      3. Children will leave with program brochures.
    3. Instructional Visit includes:
      1. How to use CATALOG and/or RESEARCH databases
      2. Building Tour
      3. Library materials gathered for research subject.
    4. Genealogy Tours (Central Only)
      1. Organization of collection, materials and services
      2. Specialized instructional presentations
    5. General Building Tour
      1. General introduction to library services
      2. Building layout and materials locations

(Effective date June 17, 2013)