Renewal of Library Cards

Policy Statement

Annual Renewal

Currently, library card holders renew their library card accounts every three years. Beginning on September 15, 2015 library cards will expire after 2 years. The circulation system will set an expiration date. As a courtesy, library accounts for patrons who are 75 years old and older will be valid for five years. At the time of expiration, the account must be renewed according to the following guidelines.

Renewal Requirements

In order to renew a library card account, current fines and fees as well as accrued amounts must reflect a zero balance. Until the fines and fees are paid in full, a library account may not be renewed. Patrons must present valid photo identification in person in order to renew library accounts.

Patrons who have a medical condition and are physically unable to come to the library to renew their account may request a Library Card Renewal Form from the System Circulation Coordinator. The Coordinator will send the patron an authorized form by mail. The form may be returned by mail or by fax. Any fees or fines must be paid for the library account to be renewed.

Renewal Requirements for Children

Library cards may be issued to children 5 years old and older. When the minor child becomes 18 years old, the card may be changed to adult status. At 18 years old, juveniles are not responsible for fines accrued as a juvenile. If a patron with fines on the juvenile card becomes 18, staff will create a new adult account.

Children between ages 5 and 17 years old must have a parent or guardian present when they are getting a library card. If both parents are present, they may both be added to the account. A parent registering their child may add the other parent who is not present. Library staff will add the name in the GUARDIAN FIELD in the account. Staff cannot add another adult as a guardian without the permission of guardian listed in the account.

The parent or guardian must meet the qualification for a library card. If the parent or guardian’s library account is blocked due to fines or fees over $25, the fines and/or fees must be under $25 in order to issue a child’s card. The parent or guardian claims all physical and financial responsibility for the card and items checked out on that card.

Juvenile - Children between the ages of 5 and 12 are juveniles.
Young Adult - Children between the ages of 13 and 17 are young adults.

(Effective date October 1 2010; Revised September 15 2015)