Support FAQ

Click on the link below that best describes your issue. If you are unable to find a fix, please use our eSupport Form to contact a library staff member.


When I try to borrow something, I receive the error message "The library has reached its daily lending limit".

The library has a daily budget for Hoopla checkouts, and this message indicates that our budget is spent for the day. You will be able to borrow items again when the daily lending limit resets at 12:00AM (midnight).

I have a new library card and/or PIN number.

When logged into your Hoopla account, go to Settings > Library Settings to replace your old library card and/or PIN number.

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How do I get a book onto Kindle using Libby?

How do I see my place in line for a hold?


I have a new library card number. How do I access my checkouts and holds on the old number?

To retrieve your checkouts and holds, library staff will need to merge your old and new accounts. Please use the contact form above to let us know your accounts need to be merged.

My eAudiobook is not downloading on my iOS device.

My eAudiobook is not downloading to my Android device.

How do I return my book early?

Can I renew my book?

I am getting an authorization error.

Using the Libby App from Overdrive can also solve this issue, if it is available for your device.

I am getting an error that an eBook has already been downloaded or fulfilled by another user.

I want to transfer an eAudiobook to my MP3 player.

I want to put my eAudiobook into iTunes