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Donations to MCMLS

Donations to MCMLS


Adopt-a-Book donation forms are available at all locations for those interested in supporting the library through our Adopt-a-Book program. Donation forms can also be requested via our Online Message Form. Donors may choose to honor an individual or group with a bookplate inserted into each item sponsored.

Levels of sponsorship range from Adopt-a-Book (at $25 each) to Adopt-a-Bookshelf or Shelving Section (at $500 - $3000). You may also specify an amount not listed on the form.

To donate a hardcover book in lieu of a monetary donation for the Adopt-a-Book program, please contact your local branch to obtain a Wish List of items for that location.

Other donations of books, items, or money are also welcome, as detailed below.

Memorial or Honorarium Gifts

Donors wishing to donate books, items, or money as a memorial or honorarium may have a plate attached to the book or item by the library for that purpose. To donate an item as a memorial, please fill out a Memorial Contributions Form and return to your nearest branch.

Monetary Donations

Monetary gifts deposited to the Library's gift account in the County Budget will be used to purchase books and other materials for the library. In addition, monetary donations may be made directly to the Friends of the Library in support of local branch libraries, to include programming and other expenses. Please use the Library Administration phone number found on our About page to request additional information from the Library Director.

Books or Other Items

We are now able to accept most donations. Please contact your local branch with questions about specific items.