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Central Library

Really would like to see Quiltmaker magazine.


Thank you for your book recommendations. We will forward your requests to our Collection Development Coordinator for consideration. In the meantime, we hope that you had a chance to check out our book collection on quilting.

Anthony Beevor, Arnheim: The Battle of the Bridge, 1944
Anthony Beevor, Ardenne 1944: The Battle of the Bulge
A.G. Hopkins, American Empire: A Global History, 2018 Princeton University Press.


Thank you for your recommendations. Ardenne 1944: The Battle of the Bulge and American Empire: A Global History are already part of our collection. Please check with a librarian to assist you during your next visit. In regard to Ardenne 1944: The Battle of the Bulge, we will pass those along to the Collection Development Coordinator for consideration, based on our policy and as our budget allows.

I would love to watch the movies Sleeping Beauty, and Oliver & Company.


Thank you. We do own several copies of both movies. If you are having trouble locating a copy, please let a staff member know so that we may help you.

Thank you for Reference staff. They are very helpful. Appreciate it.


Thank you! We appreciate your compliments and are so happy you are pleased with the service you received from our staff!

We want ESL classes as soon as possible. Thank you.


Thank you for sharing your interest in English as a Second Language classes. Unfortunately, Literacy Volunteers – Montgomery County, the organization that provided literacy training and tutoring at Central Library has disbanded. As an alternative, you might contact staff at the Oscar Johnson Center (936-522-3960) or the CISD Newcomers Center (936-709-7759) to inquire about upcoming ESL classes at their locations.

The male security guard here at Conroe Central library needs to learn some people skills especially with white males. He is very rude and likes to instigate arguments on a regular basis. This is the 3rd time for me and I won’t accept it again. He has done similar actions with others and it’s getting old. He should not work in the field he is in. He is badly racist.


We take every comment seriously and would like to discuss your experiences in greater detail. In order to have a better understanding of these interactions, please come to the Administration area and ask to see Jeri, the Library Director.

Thank you, (name withheld). Please thank the Confederate Display Ladies. By far, I always enjoy your Confederate displays in April each year. I always bring my kids to come see. We visit each of your libraries to go see if Montgomery County Libraries are honoring our Southern history that was such a crisis for Texas and all the South, and our family of that time. No one of today sacrificed what they had to do. Thank you for remaining open-minded, remembering, and not caving to the political smothering of our history.


Thank you for your comment regarding the displays that were prepared by members of two local chapters of United Daughters of the Confederacy. We are happy that you enjoyed them.

Genealogy & Local History Room

Thank you to your great staff in central library for supporting them. During these serious times in our Civil unrest and smothering of our history, please keep your wonderful Genealogy Lineage groups coming to put up their displays. We appreciate them. My class always looks forward to coming to see. Please don’t start strangling them with rules and regulations where they give up coming. Our society needs their support and education.

Where did the Confederate displays go? I enjoyed them so much, and brought a friend to come see if her ancestors were listed. You use to have their weapons reproductions on display in past years and my school children asked me about them. What a shame they weren’t presented for study.

Yea for our Texas History! Please keep putting up the Confederate displays showing our Texas History and Montgomery County History during that time in Texas History. Please don’t cave to politically correct trying to force our history to be rewritten for this time in our history now. Don’t Cave!


We are glad you enjoyed the Confederate History display. The displays at the library are contributed by outside organizations and are generally displayed temporarily for a single month. I would refer you to the full Displays policy found our library website for the full details. Ours is a large and diverse community, and this protocol allows the various members and groups in our library community an equal opportunity to express their viewpoints in an open environment.

Malcolm Purvis Library

No comments this month.

Charles B. Stewart-West Branch Library

Please consider putting small tables in the bathrooms near the sinks. At present patrons have to lay purses on the floor while washing/drying hands. This is a huge problem for patrons who have difficulty reaching all the way to the floor.


Thank you for the suggestion. We will look into possible solutions and see what may work best in this situation.

Every 2 weeks I get an email that tells me what books are due in a few days. I get one email for all the books. I save that one email so that I can gather all the items on the day of.
This week I got an email for each item and the email said they were renewed. I do not like getting 15 emails if I check out 15 items. I want one email with a list of items like before. Also anything that could not be renewed did not come in an email at all. So now no remainder of what is due.
I like the concept of having items renewed just in case, but I prefer the one email with all items that are due. This is how I keep track of my kids’ books and videos. I do not like the receipt either that I loose. Thank you for reading my comment.


Thank you for your comment. I will discuss with our administration if the software system will allow us to send renewal notifications in a single email.

R. B. Tullis Branch Library

I absolutely loved getting your email telling me that my books were being automatically renewed. What a great upgrade!

You guys are the best! Luv the auto-renew! Tullis Rocks!!


Thank you for your comment. We are excited about this new feature too!

Briana in the Children’s Department was WONDERFUL! She gave my Girl Scouts a tour of the library and now they want to become volunteers and one wants to become a librarian. You have given us more reasons to LOVE Tullis Library. Thank you. (Name Withheld)


Thank you for your great compliment! We will make sure to let Briana know. We look forward to seeing all of you again soon!

George & Cynthia Woods Mitchell Library

The library is awesome and there’s nothing you should change!


We are so glad to know that you think our library’s awesome. We strive to provide that level of service every day for every library user. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive evaluation!

I am interested in your teen volunteer summer program for my daughter who is 16. Please let me know how we can sign up. Thanks so much!


Our branch has a very active teen (ages 13 to 17) volunteer program. Unfortunately, all of our available slots to volunteer this summer have been filled. We will be accepting volunteers again for the fall semester, so please do consider contacting us in the future. The next volunteer orientation session--attendance is required to become a teen volunteer--is scheduled for Tuesday, September 4. Registration is open now and you can register through the library's event calendar. Although we can't include your daughter as a volunteer this summer, I hope that she will be able to participate in the teen summer reading program—she can stop by the reference desk at her convenience to sign up!

Are you guys doing the thing where you can read to the dogs this summer? I can’t find information anywhere on it.


The South Regional Library, located at 2101 Lake Robbins in The Woodlands, has offered the reading with the dogs program in the past and will have sessions again this summer. The first session is scheduled for Tuesday, June 12, from 2 to 4pm. These opportunities are listed on the library’s event calendar—here’s the link:

How do I find the books I have on hold?


You can check the status of your hold items by using the My Account feature of the library website. Below are instructions for the process:

  1. Click the Book Icon next to the search box at the top of the library homepage at
  2. Click Log In at the top of the page and enter your library card number and pin number in the box that is provided.
  3. Once you are logged in, click on My Account at the top of the page.
  4. Click on the Holds tab to see what you have on hold. Library Holds refer to the physical items that you can pick up at the library. Digital Holds refer to electronic materials that you have on hold through OverDrive.

If you’re interested, we also have mobile apps for managing your library account. Mobile app options are available from this site:

I am taking real estate classes online and as a new rule I need to take the final exams and they have to be proctor. I am unsure if this is something this library offers and if you do what do I need to do?


The library system's proctoring policy restricts our proctoring services to open book tests with very limited monitoring requirements. Most of the real estate programs we have encountered require that the test taker be continuously monitored during the testing session in order to assure that they did not have access to notes, books, or electronic devices during testing. Since our reference librarians are simultaneously staffing the reference desk or assisting patrons while serving as proctors, we are unable to take on proctoring assignments that require continuous monitoring. I’ve attached a copy of our proctoring policy and proctoring agreement for your reference. You might consider contacting the Lone Star College Testing Center. They may be able to assist you, since they do provide proctoring services under the supervision of a monitor for a fee.

I am trying to place books on hold for my daughter. I am wondering why I get the message "privilege has expired" instead of the "Success". Do not see that I have any books, or fines due.


The "Privilege Has Expired" message means that your library card has expired and needs to be renewed. Library cards expire every two years, and they can be renewed at any of our locations with your valid photo ID. You will need to visit a library branch in person to renew your card as library cards cannot be renewed online or over the phone. If you need to extend your privilege for two weeks in order to access your account until you can come in, please call the library. You will need to have your library card number and your driver’s license number available.

I was surprised to hear today that the use of cell phones in the library is permitted. I usually step out into the stairwell or outside (for longer calls) to use my cell phone. I've actually been told to get off my phone in the stairwell by a librarian before. I will continue to be courteous of the other library users, but I would like to see this policy re-evaluated. Perhaps I'm getting old and remember when a library was a place to study, read, work on things that required concentration, write, etc. When you have someone carrying on a phone call 10 feet away from you and the majority of the library can hear, it's hardly conducive to a reading environment.


Cell phone usage in the library has been permitted for a year or more. We still ask that patrons avoid allowing their phone conversations to disturb others. We appreciate your courtesy in taking your calls where they will not bother other library users who are trying to concentrate. However, at times patrons using a public computer need to consult a website administrator or help desk via phone in order to accomplish their task. Other patrons need to contact friends or family members to verify information about the books they are trying to locate. Since we allow library users to talk together while collaborating or meeting at the library, permitting quiet cell phone conversations seemed a reasonable accommodation to the modern role of cell phones in the lives of library patrons. That said, the library system’s Customer Behavior Policy states clearly that “[l]oud or boisterous talking, laughing or other noise which interferes with quiet study of other library users is not permitted”. I’m sorry that you were inconvenienced while using the library today. If you need more quiet than is usually available in the library reading room, we do have study rooms available for patron use. You are welcome to book a study room up to twenty-four hours in advance through the library’s website using your library card. However, if you prefer to use the reading room and find that another patron’s loud conversation is disturbing you, whether the conversation is between patrons or via cell phone, do continue to bring the situation to the attention of the librarians staffing the reference desk so that they can intervene appropriately. I will also pass on your feedback opposing the use of cell phones in the library to library administration.

Which ebook app goes through Amazon (so I can send to my kindle)?


Overdrive has Kindle format ebooks delivered through Amazon. The latest version of their app is called Libby by Overdrive. Here’s the link to the Libby help page with more info:

I was curious if there was a way for me to host club like events in your library? And how and what I would need to do to set that up. If it’s not possible, that would be okay, I was just curious.


The library provides meeting space to organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities. Here is the site with more information about the available meeting rooms: and the site with the Meeting Room Policy: You can reserve a meeting room and complete the meeting room application all from the library's website. Please contact us if you have any additional questions about the meeting rooms or the reservation process.

In the "About" section of your website the first line of the second paragraph uses the word 'chosed', but should be 'chosen'. I'm sure just a typo, but you may want to correct.


We’ve now corrected the error. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

South Regional Library

Credit/debit card machine needed.

Please incorporate using the debit/credit card machine for fines.


Thank you for your input. I will pass on your suggestion to Library Administration.

I love the library and all the kids programs. We need a library on the east side if I-45 closer to The Falls at Imperial Oaks.


We are glad you had a nice visit at our library! I will pass on your suggestion to Library Administration.

I love this library!


We are glad that you enjoyed visiting the library!

You should have the last book of the Maze Runner series. To make people happy you should finish the series the library that you started. Thank you, bye.


We do have the series in the collection. If you don’t find something on the shelf, ask someone at the information desk.

R. F. Meador Branch Library

Very much missing magazines in the Friend of the Willis Library Book Nook. They have been a main reason for my frequent visits. Please consider adding them back! Thanks!


Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, due to renovations, the Book Nook lost some of its square footage, and there is no space for magazines at the moment. We do have magazines to read in the library, and you can check out back issues as well. And if you “do” digital, you can access Flipster on the website and read magazines online. A librarian can show you how.

My son said, while pointing at the chart “Everything you want to know, but really don’t want to ask” - “Mom, this is a library that actually respects your opinion and decisions.” *smiley face*


Great! We do! While librarians are always happy to show you were a book or topic is, and we value patron privacy, sometimes people are hesitant to ask for information on health or mental health topics. Our intention with the poster is to provide information to anyone who might need it, without having to ask for it. We’re glad your son recognizes the library as a welcoming place to be!

Facebook Comments

Our Outreach Coordinator took the MCMLS table on road and posted some photos.

Patron (name withheld): Where is this?

MCMLS response: Various places. The Central Library, The Ark church, and Lone Star College-Montgomery campus just to name a few.

Patron (name withheld): Thanks

MCMLS invited everyone to get updated on events such as the Summer Reading Program with the e-Newsletter.

Patron (name withheld): When can we pick up a reading log?

MCMLS response: Summer Reading starts Monday, June 4th, 2018. You can pick up a log on that day or anytime later in the week.

Patron (name withheld): Thanks!

Email & Online Comments

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Most importantly, they have a much larger collection of books than I had expected. They have, for example, scholarly books about Islamism and the Middle East, which is very beneficial considering these particular books were priced between $50.00 - $100.00 on Amazon. [South Regional Library]


We value our patrons and enjoy hearing about their interests and curiosities. Your enthusiastic expression of regard for the library and the services provided here was much appreciated. We are so glad to learn that you love the library as much as we do!

Nice & clean. Very helpful Librarians. Always quiet please people keep like this, so take your phone calls outside or somewhere else. Respect the rest of us that have important things to do here. Thank U. [South Regional Library]


Thank you for your comment. We do allow quiet cell phone conversations at the library. If there is a loud conversation that is bothering you, please let the library staff know so we can address it promptly.

Geocaching Comments

Really love these clever little hides.

My favorite flag is the Texas flag!!


Thank you for taking the time to search for our geocaches. We are always glad to hear when people enjoyed the hunt!

E-NEWS Comments

No comments this month.