Renew & Request

Renewing Materials

Note: Electronic items are not renewable.

Can I renew the items I have checked out?
Items can be renewed if they are not requested by another patron.

How long can I renew my materials?
Items can be renewed for an additional 2 weeks. After renewing, your new due date will be 2 weeks from date of renewal.

How many times can I renew?
You can renew an additional 2 times.

Is there a deadline to renew items?
Materials should be renewed by 11:30 p.m. on the due date.

Can I renew my items when I check them out?
Materials may not be renewed on the same day they are checked out.

How can I renew items?
You can renew by phone, online or at any branch.

Phone Renewals

Call Central Library Circulation 936-539-7814 or the circulation department of any branch library during regular hours to renew.

Online Renewals

Requesting Materials

There's a book I want to read but it's always checked out. Can I request a book to be put on hold?
Yes, you may request materials at any branch, by telephone or through your online account.

How will I know when my hold item is ready?
You will be notified by phone, mail or e-mail when your requested item is available.

I get phone calls for my requested items now, but would rather get e-mails. How do I change this?
To change the way you are notified, visit the circulation desk of your nearest branch.

How do I request items online?
When you find an item in the catalog, you can click "Request FIRST AVAILABLE COPY of this Item" in order to obtain any copy that comes available to you, or if you prefer to request a specific copy, click "Request THIS COPY only". Click here for more detailed instructions. If you need further assistance, call your nearest branch or email us.

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