New OverDrive Features

Suspend a Hold

Auto-Checkout for Holds

Maturity Settings

New Changes for Searching

Suspend a Hold

This new feature allows you to put a temporary hold on an item in the waiting list. This is useful if you are on a long wait list for a popular title, but you know that you are unable to read it at this time. Your position in the wait list will continue to advance. If you advance to the first place in the waiting list while your hold is suspended, you will stay waiting in position #1 until your suspension ends.

You can choose to suspend the title for 7, 14, 21, 28, 60 or 90 days.

From your holds shelf, select Options and click on Suspend Hold


After suspending the hold, you can view the suspended until date by visiting your hold shelf and looking at the information on that title

For more information, click here to view OverDrive's instructions for suspending a hold.

Auto-Checkout for Holds

When you place a hold on an item, you now have the option to "auto-checkout" the title when it becomes available. This means that you will receive a notification email when the item is available and the item will automatically show on your account bookshelf. You will still need to download the item, but it will automatically add itself to your account so that you no longer need to worry about the hold expiring if you miss the email.


If you select this option, but you are unable to borrow the item when it becomes available (as an example, you have reached your maximum checkout limit), you will be sent a hold notification email providing you 48 hours to make your checkout.

You can view whether you have selected auto checkout by visiting the holds page and looking at the information for that title


For more information, click here to view OverDrive's instructions for auto-checkout.

Maturity Settings

There are two new options in the Account Settings page that allow you to select your content maturity level for browsing.

1. Exclude certain content based on the maturity level selected (Juvenile, Young Adult, General, Adult): This allows adult users to exclude certain titles for younger readers and the young readers can exclude adult-only titles from their experience as well.

2. Mask all adult cover images with a basic cover image. This option is set to "no" by default.

For more information, click here to view OverDrive's instructions for Maturity Settings.

Improvements to Search Relevance

The default search word between two search terms in the OverDrive search box has changed from "OR" to "AND."

What this means, is that when you previously searched for "Stephen King," it would return all title records that contained either the word "Stephen" or the word "King." That means that in addition to books by Stephen King, your result list would also show books by Stephen R. Covey, Laurie R. King, etc.
With the new search word, your search will only contain records that containg both the words Stephen and King. The new search style will provide a lower number of results than before, but the titles will now be more relevant to your search terms.

If you have any questions about these changes, please feel free to contact: