Library Cards

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I tried to get a library card right before closing time, but was told to come back the next day. Is that a library policy?
Yes, it is library policy to stop issuing new library cards 15 prior to closing.

How much does it cost to get a library card?
Library cards are free.

How do I get a library card?
Go to your nearest branch and visit the circulation desk to apply for a library card.

Do I need to take anything with me to get a card?
To get a library card, you must:
Be a Texas resident (or proof of a local temporary addess);
Be 18 or older;
Have a valid photo ID with current address;
Provide proof of current residence if address different than ID. This can be a utility bill, lease agreement, car insurance, etc.

My child wants a library card; is there an age limit?
Children must be 5 or older to get a card. The child’s card is valid until they turn 18. Parents are required to obtain the card for their child(ren).

Are there any items my child can’t check out?
Children under 18 cannot check out DVDs or videos. These items can only be checked out by adults.

Can I get a card for my child if I owe fines on my account?
Cards for minors will not be issued if the parent/guardian owes more than $25 in fines and fees.

Do library cards expire?
Yes, cards expire every 12 months. All fines and fees must be paid in full before a card can be renewed.

Can I renew my card online?
At this time cards can only be renewed in person. Please visit your nearest branch to update/verify your contact information.

I lost my library card; is there a fee to get a new one?
Yes, library cards are $2.00 to replace.

I can't remember my PIN - how do I find it?
Your PIN is the last four numbers of the phone number that is on file. If you need to get your PIN, please visit your nearest branch.

Can I use my card at any library?
Yes, you can use your library card at any MCMLS library.