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Fresh*Reads - the library’s new online book club where we discuss what’s fresh on our shelves each month.
Step 1. READ the book. Step 2. POST a comment. Step 3. REPEAT each month!

Each month’s book will be taken from Fresh*Print, the library’s bimonthly publication of new titles.
Find current and archived copies here!

Meet the Librarians

Lindsay - Central Library

Jenn - South Library

What We're Reading

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November - December
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How does this book club work?

  • Fresh*Reads is our online book club available here on Goodreads.
  • We will select a new title for each month and you can read and post about the book at your leisure.

How do I use Goodreads?

  • To sign up, just visit the Goodreads new user page and enter your name, email, and a password.
  • To join our group, visit Fresh*Reads and click "Join Group" (found under the MCMLS logo on the left).

How do I participate?

  • To join the discussion, visit the Fresh*Reads page and scroll down to "Discussion Board". You can post to a current discussion thread or start one of your own.
    • To post to a current thread, click on the discussion title.
    • To start one of your own, click on the group of discussion topics you would like to post to (such as "Welcome" or "Go Set a Watchman" - see graphic below). Next, click "New Topic" (in the top right, above "last activity"). Put your main discussion question or statement in the topic bar and add any further details and your own answer to your question in the comment box.

How do I personalize Goodreads?

  • To edit your profile (add a photo, display name, interests, and "about me" info.), select "edit profile" from the drop-down arrow found in the top right hand corner of the Goodreads page while signed in to your account.
  • To add a title to one of your bookshelves (to keep track of what you have read, are reading, and want to read), first search for the title. On the right hand side of the title, you will see a green "Want to Read" button. Use the drop-down arrow to add the title to your "read", "currently reading", or "want to read" bookshelf, or create a personalized bookshelf.
  • To rate a book you have read, first search for the title. Under the green "Want to Read" button, you can give the book a rating of 1-5 by clicking the appropriate star. Another way to rate a book is by finishing a book on your currently reading shelf. Once you are finished, it will prompt you to rate the book.

For more information, visit the Goodreads help page or post to our "Help!" thread, which can be found in the group of discussions titled "Welcome".