Stewart Photos & Graphics Classes

Program Name
Digital Photography This is a full blown Photography class. All aspects of Digital and Film photography are covered. Whether you want to shoot family photos or commercial work, this is your starting point.
Developing E-Photos & Displays In this class, students will learn how to display all of those great photos and artwork they have created. Utilization of Slide Shows, Electronic Frames, Digital Art, Photography and software applications will be a major part of the class. Learn the use of Online Photo Albums and understand the terms and conditions as well as privacy policies of websites.
Picasa This application allows you to set up photo albums, modify photographs and do many other tasks. It is a free program developed by Google and has some very good tools and tasks attached.
GIMP GIMP is a free art and photography program that has photo manipulating abilities found in software that can cost hundreds of dollars. Learn how to modify photographs, create slide shows, play with special effects and generate gift CDs. This program will also allow you to post to the Web and to social websites.
Paint.NET A free program that provides many fantastic tools for Art and Photography. Learn aspects of this program and how to maximize its use.
Digital or Computer Art There is a real difference between Digital art and what we call Paper art. You will also hear the terms Digital Photography and Film Photography as being used in the same context. Learn how to create Digital Art for use in cards, brochures, certificates, fine art and photography. Try out a number of programs and pick and choose the one that best meets your needs. Discussions of programs and technical information related to the arts and photography.
How to make Flyers and Brochures Utilizing different software programs, learn the concepts of designing Flyers and Brochures for personal and commercial use. Understand the concepts of good design, composition, color, themes, fonts, photos and clip art. This class will teach students to create exciting and useful works to advertise or bring attention to their projects.