Stewart Beginner's Computer Classes

Program Name
Keyboarding Learn the basics of keyboarding, utilizing many different programs and software.
Installing Software Learn how to install your own software, saving many dollars in the process. Understand the ability to take care of your software needs and how to find free and useful applications. Learn how to deal with software problems and how software interfaces with your hardware.
Computer Hardware Learn the secret of Hardware and the difference between all of the different applications. Learn how to install Video Cards, Sound Cards, Drivers, Monitors, Keyboards and Web Cams and many other devices.
How to get free Software There are hundreds of free software programs available online. But how do you find them? This class will show you how. In addition, you will learn which programs are safe and which websites to avoid. This class will teach you all about free software.
Computer Applications Learn all about Computer Applications, which ones are best used for your needs and how to understand all of the hoopla. Part of this class will also be directed towards installations and trouble shooting of applications and why certain applications cannot run on your computer at the same time.
Computer Security This class will take a comprehensive look at Computer Security. Understand why you are at risk and what you can do about it. Learn about different security programs and the difference between a Virus and Malware. Explore the future of Computer Security and Privacy Issues. What happens when you make online purchases, Tracking, Key Loggers, Spyware and why your computer is open to attack. You must take all precautions in order to have a good and safe time on the Web and in your everyday use of your computer.
Computer Troubleshooting Your computer just crashed - what do you do? Learn how to deal with the unexpected as related to technology and your computer. Learn how to deal with problems and how to fix them before you destroy all of your data. What are the areas of maintenance you can do each week to make sure your computer runs properly and safe? What actions will hurt your computer and might even make it crash?
Open Office Suite If you are looking for a great office suite but do not want to pay top dollar, Open Office Suite can be a useful alternative. Open Office is a free program that offers many of the same features as Microsoft Office. Learn how to utilize this suite of applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, flyer and brochure development and creative drawing.