Central, Tullis & Meador Microsoft® Word Classes

Program Name
Microsoft® Word 1
Learn the basics of creating, saving, and opening documents. Practice cut copy and paste, learn to change margins, fonts, and paragraph alignment, run spell check and more.
Microsoft® Word 2
Discover more advanced tools in Microsoft Word such as document and section formatting, find and replace, auto correct, styles and tabs. Learn how to format and print envelopes and labels, and track changes made in a document.
Microsoft® Word 3
Learn to create templates and use styles to save time and automate your work. Discover how to use tabs and other common tools like autocorrect, find and replace.
Microsoft® Word 4
Create personalized letters, forms and envelopes using Mail Merge. Learn how to create fillable, protected forms and how to automate the tasks you do on a regular basis with Word macros. Learn how to create a Table of Contents and an Index.
Microsoft® Envelopes and Labels
Learn how to format and print envelopes and labels using Microsoft Word.
Microsoft® Word Forms
Learn how to create a structured document with consistent formatting where users can only edit designated portions of the document.
Microsoft® Word Macros
Automate the tasks you do on a regular basis by recording them in a macro you can use repeatedly.
Microsoft® Word Mail Merge
Bulk mailing made easy. Create personalized letters, forms, envelopes, etc. by combining a database of names and addresses with a form created in Microsoft Word.
Microsoft® Word Tables
Learn to create and format tables 2 ways in Microsoft Word.
Microsoft® Word Templates
Create documents that contain specialized formatting to use as the basis of future documents. Templates save time and energy.
Microsoft® Word Tips & Tricks
If you are already very familiar with Microsoft Word and want to learn the shortcuts and "tricks" that will make it work even faster, this class is for you.