Central, Tullis & Meador Microsoft® Excel Classes

Program Name
Microsoft® Excel 1
Learn the basics of spreadsheets: inserting, resizing, eliminating rows and columns; adding worksheets, cut, copy, and paste. Discover the basics of writing formulas and functions.
Microsoft® Excel 2
Build on the basics with more advanced tools. Learn how to freeze and protect your spreadsheets, how to filter records, and limit what can be entered in a cell.
Microsoft® Excel Charts
Charts can make even dull information visually appealing and easy to understand. Learn how to create and enhance several types of charts.
Microsoft® Excel Formulas & Functions
This class will teach you the basics of writing formulas and functions. You will learn how to figure things like the amount of interest you are paying on a loan, financial penalties for late payments, the average, maximum and minimum of number sets and more.
Microsoft® Excel Pivot Tables
Creating a PivotTable report is about moving pieces of information around to see how they fit together. PivotTables make data manageable and flexible.
Microsoft® Excel Tips and Tricks
If you are already very familiar with Excel and want to learn the shortcuts and ‘tricks’ that will make it work even faster for you, this class is for you.