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Central Library

Thanks so much, Lindsay! You really went above and beyond for me. It really restored my equilibrium!


Thank you for your wonderful comments about our staff and facility! We will pass them along.

Genealogy & Local History Room

Thank you so very much for the copies of obituaries for my aunt and the Death Certificate for my uncle. This will be most helpful in getting the estates of their daughter and son processed. Your help is much appreciated!


You are certainly welcome. Please reach out to us if you need any further assistance with your genealogy research.

Malcolm Purvis Library

Thank you for your help. You are very nice. Thanks.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.


We appreciate your positive comments and are happy you were pleased with the service you received when you visited the library.

Have better books and movies.


We strive to provide a wide variety of books and movies. However, if we do not have what you are looking for, please check with the reference desk. We will be happy to request the item you are looking for from another location or consider it for addition to our collection.

Charles B. Stewart-West Branch Library

No comments this month.

R. B. Tullis Branch Library

I cannot tell you how we enjoyed story time! As an elementary school teacher for the past 9 years, my heart was overjoyed with everything the storyteller did! She kept the kids engaged not only with her stories, but also songs, poems, and craft. We loved it and cannot wait to come back.


We are glad that you enjoyed your visit to the library! We look forward to seeing you again.

Great help from Ms. Raye. She was amazing and knowledgeable. Thank you for having a great inventory.


Thank you for the glowing comment about Ms. Raye!

Adult writing group needed, please! Also, perhaps a community board for local businesses to leave their card. I’m a local business owner.


There is an adult writing group that meets once a month. Check with the information desk to find out when the next meeting will occur. There is a community board for local non-profit services, however, due to library policy, we are not permitted to accept commercial notices or ads from profit-based vendors.

George & Cynthia Woods Mitchell Library

When a new book is released, how long before it reaches your library? I'm looking for: The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. When will your library receive it?


We obtain multiple copies of books that are likely to be bestsellers through a lease program that ships the items we request as soon as they are published--and even prepublication sometimes, depending on the publishers’ terms of sale. Obviously those books could be available from the library as soon as copies are available in bookstores! Books that are not available for lease must be ordered through a library wholesaler, then processed for circulation, and can’t be available for lending as quickly. The Great Alone is set for publication on February 6 and our library system currently has ten lease copies on order. I expect that we will receive the copies very soon after the publication date. You are now on the hold list for the book. Since there are only seven hold requests on the title, there’s a very good chance you will receive one of the first copies to come in.

Crafternoons are doing really well and the crafts are really fun to do!


We’re glad that our craft program is so successful and that you enjoy the crafts. The librarians who plan and lead the program are always pursuing creative ideas for crafts. It’s amazing to see what they come up with for the Crafternoon crafters! Thanks for your feedback—we will pass your positive comments along to Laci and Jeni.

Is it possible for you to proctor the AMC 12 test if I pay for the necessary fees? I really want to take it but my high school does not offer it.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide proctoring for the AMC 12 test since the library system's proctoring policy restricts our proctoring services to open book tests with very limited monitoring requirements. The Mathematical Association of America requires that participants in AMC testing be continuously monitored during the testing session in order to assure that the test taker did not have access to any electronic devices, including calculators and cellphones, during testing. Since our reference librarians staff the reference desk and assist patrons while serving as proctors, we are unable to take on proctoring assignments that require continuous monitoring. The Lone Star College Testing Center may be able to assist you, since they do provide proctoring services under the supervision of a monitor for a fee. Here's the link with their contact information: I applaud your desire to participate in this competition—best wishes for your success!

Hi, I have my teen nephew (15 years) coming to visit us in the Woodlands for approximately one month from Jan. 20th to Feb. 25th, and he would like to do some volunteering work at the library. Which volunteer opportunities might he have with you guys?


Thank you for your interest in the Mitchell Library for your nephew. Our branch does offer volunteering opportunities for teens 13-17 years of age. The usual procedure is for each applicant to attend an Orientation Session prior to the semester in which he or she wishes to volunteer. At that time, we discuss with the teens the kinds of opportunities available to them. For a limited time volunteer such as you are suggesting, we could offer about 2 hours per week working to help the reference department deprocess materials and add series stickers to the collection. If these tasks sound like something your nephew might be interested in, we will need to have an application signed by his parent or guardian. The application is attached for your convenience. Your nephew can then contact our young adult librarian to set up a time for his orientation.

I would like to make a memorial contribution to the library. Would you please send me the appropriate form? Thank you.


As you requested, a copy of the library’s memorial donation form is attached. We appreciate your thoughtfulness at this time of loss.

I would like to know if you are offering tax assistance this year for senior citizens. If so, do you have a schedule or sign up for it?


Mitchell Library will not have tax assistance volunteers at our location this year, however, the AARP Tax-Aide volunteers will be available to help with basic tax returns at our South Regional branch, located at 2101 Lake Robbins Blvd. in The Woodlands, beginning in early February. The schedule for tax assistance offered at the library will be on the library's website [] by next week. My understanding at this time is that the Tax-Aide service will be available at South Regional first come-first served (no signup or registration required) beginning February 6. In addition, our Central Library in Conroe will have the VITA tax assistance volunteers available beginning on February 1. For complete information, including what documents you will need to bring, see the tax assistance schedule:

I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed attending the Excel and Word classes taught by Denise. She is truly awesome. I am in between jobs and wanted to spend my time wisely by increasing my Excel skills to advanced level. I am happy to report between reading the Excel Bible (checked out from library), watching YouTube videos and attending class with Denise, I have achieved advanced level Excel skills. Life is great!


Congratulations on meeting your goal of improving your skills in Excel! We're so glad that the library could assist you. Thank you for taking the time to share your accomplishment and your appreciation for the quality of instruction in our computer classes. We will share your positive comments with Denise.

Do you guys get NY Times and WSJ? Can I borrow those and bring them back?


Yes, the library does subscribe to the print editions of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. We keep the current week behind the reference desk on the second floor. Library users can borrow issues to read in the second floor reading room. The newspapers are in high demand so we cannot allow them to be checked out or removed from the library. If you need to consult back issues, the South Regional Library keeps the past six months of both newspapers, also for library use only.

How much would it be to print and fax?


Printing from the public computers costs 15 cents per page for black and white copies, and 50 cents per page for color copies. Payment must be made with one of the vendor’s print cards—a print card costs 50 cents to purchase and is reloadable. The print card can be purchased from an on-site vending machine, which accepts dollar bills for payment. Please note that cash is required for the purchase and reloading of print cards—there is no provision for credit or debit card payments at our location, although South Regional does have a machine that accepts card payments. Unfortunately, the library does not have a fax machine for public use. Local office supply, shipping, and grocery stores usually offer faxing services for a fee at their business centers.

South Regional Library

We have got to have a better way to pay fines! We need online ability to use debit and credit cards. And finally here with cash and they won’t take a $20. Totally antiquated and ridiculous!


Unfortunately, the Library System does not have a way to pay fines online at this time. You are welcome to pay the amount outstanding on your account in person, either in cash or by check made out to “MCMLS,” or to send your check to us by mail. Please note your library card number in the memo area of your check.

More Dav Pilkey. My name is [name withheld] you need to get more Dog Man books.


Thank you. We do own several copies of this book (in multiple formats). If you are having trouble locating a copy, please let a staff member know so that we may help you. If the title is checked out, we can place a hold on it so that it can be sent here for you when it becomes available.

Very friendly and efficient staff.


Thank you so much for your comment. We are glad to hear that you had a great experience here at South.

I like this library because it is close to my house. Thank you!!


We are happy to hear that we are nearby and glad to have you!

I just moved from Maryland – Howard County area. I am interested to start a program here called Battle of the Books. It is mostly for 5th graders to compete against each other about the books they read. It is sponsored by the county library to the schools. Howard County is ranked #1 in the nation. I would like to make this grow in Woodlands. [Name and contact information withheld]


Thank you very much for the suggestion. We will be sure to pass this on to our Children’s Librarian.

Has the library considered putting a poster of The Republic of Texas on a wall in the library?


Thank you for the suggestion. This is not something that we have considered, but if you would like to speak with our Assistant Branch Manager, Jenn Wigle, please feel free to visit us to let us know if this is a resource that you are needing to access.

Please add additional printers within the library. Please! This would be a huge help to customers as well as staff.


We apologize if you were having any difficulty in accessing our printer. We do not typically have any trouble with patrons waiting to access our printers. If you would like to discuss this issue further, please visit us and ask to speak with our Assistant Branch Manager, Jenn Wigle.

We want video games please!


Thank you for your recommendation. We will pass this on to the appropriate person for consideration.

Hoopla’s website says the lending limit will reset at midnight, but I cannot go online at midnight to login. Can this be changed?


We do apologize if you were unable to access the content available on Hoopla. The library does not have a way to change the reset time, as this is set by the vendor. Due to a large number of patron comments, they decided that midnight was the best time to accommodate the majority of patrons. If you are able to log into Hoopla before 9am, you will typically be able to access titles.

Users & customers or the library will really appreciate a vending coffee machine in the building in the absence of a coffee shop. There are vending companies in the area that will appreciate the business!!!


Thank you very much for your suggestion. We will pass this on to our administration.

Mr. Alex Truong – Excellent presentation, very kind, thorough. I’ve signed up for classes through March and will finish signing up tomorrow.


We are so glad to hear that you enjoyed the presentation by Alex Truong! Thank you for letting us know.

Comments regarding Rick Gillis program:
  • Excellent day with Rick Gillis and his job search optimized discussion. Very nice to have such a useful session sponsored by the library that creates REAL value. Thank you.
  • Thank you it was very informative and valuable and hope you continue the good work. A suggestion if you can organize more of these events for job searching and entrepreneur. Again thank you to the team.
  • Great would love to see more of classes like this.
  • Today I attended the Rick Gillis job search seminar. The facility was very good. The room temperature was comfortable. Lunch was quite good. Especially notable was Amanda who was very accommodating and kept us on schedule. This is a great resource for MoCo.
  • Great seminar. Please bring him back!
  • Wonderful event!
  • Amanda did a great job! She took really good care of our group. Thanks Amanda.
  • Just arrived from IL. So glad to find such an active and well organized Friends of the Library here. Thank you. Well done!
  • Very happy to attend this seminar. It will sure improve my life. Thanks for giving us this wonderful opportunity for improvement. Please keep doing this wonderful work. Best regards.
  • Amanda was very friendly and accommodating. She represents the library well and as a result I will return.
  • The course was wonderful! Very elucidative with a lot of good hints. Thanks for providing such a good speaker. Amanda was wonderful too.
  • Best job seminar around. Thank you for sponsoring.
  • Both Amanda and Rick were fantastic! Thank you for having this event. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Excellent speaker – thorough, articulate. Amanda always does a great job! I look forward to other programs. Going to financial series.
  • Thank you Amanda for facilitating and hosting this event with Rick Gillis. I truly enjoyed it and thank you for your graciousness and hospitality.
  • Thank you for having Rick Gillis program.
  • I thought this was a great and very informative seminar. I appreciate that the library sponsored this talk and will try to look out for more activities you have in the future. Thank you!
  • This was extremely helpful!
  • I am very thankful for being given an opportunity to be in this great seminar in the right time of the year. I wish you can continue doing “first class conferences for other interesting topics.”
  • Loved it! Great resource for an obviously needed thing. Thank you!
  • Seminar was great. Entertaining and informative. Rick Gillis is a great job search resource. Library facilities were excellent as well as the services provided by the “Friends of the Library.” I find all library services superior. The library host Amanda did a great job in hosting this seminar.
  • The Rick Gillis job seminar was a wonderful experience! Amanda did a great job of promoting it and providing refreshments, in addition to politely letting us know that conversation is amplified outside the meeting room. Thank you for providing this opportunity for all of us!


Wow! Thank you all for the great feedback about our program put on by Rick Gillis! We are happy to hear that you all enjoyed it.

R. F. Meador Branch Library

No comments this month.

Facebook Comments

MCMLS announced a new look on their website.

Patron (name withheld): It's been long overdue. This is a welcomed upgrade.

MCMLS Response: Thank you! We're excited for the change, too.

MCMLS was closed on January 16 and 17 due to inclement weather.

Patron (name withheld): I saw that. Yuck. It’s just pouring down ice pellets.

Patron (name withheld): They are hitting my French door windows hard!

Patron (name withheld): Yeah here, too.

January 23rd was National Book Day.

Patron (name withheld): I saw that. Yuck. It’s just pouring down ice pellets.

Patron (name withheld): Didn't know it was yesterday...but I did stop at the library and bought some books from the book nook! *smile emoji* I guess something inside me knew!

Email & Online Comments

There is NO privacy here, they have the cubicles set up to where somebody in a row behind you can be sneakily staring at you and what you're doing, and the rest of the chairs don't have any decorations or anything that could provide you cover from annoying and prying eyes! There’s tons of homeless people that just chill here and they're always following people around who have Apple computers or the women looking for books. They have a security guard downstairs, but compared to the central library in The Woodlands who has NO security guard, that library has more privacy! I do not feel safe here at all because these random homeless people just scope people out and I've watched them just sit around people making them uncomfortable just like they're looking for weakness. This could be prevented if you established more nook and cranny types of places, not just one big open area, that's not what a library is supposed to be like, it's supposed to be almost cryptic. Furthermore the kids section has the same grim look that the upstairs adult section does, oh minus a tiny little cardboard school bus in the corner... Also, if you're an adult you're not even allowed in the kids section downstairs which has adult tables and chairs, and the kids section downstairs is as big as the adult section upstairs... so if you're being harassed upstairs then you're not allowed to go downstairs because I guess it would be creepy if there was a single adult trying to do work in a kids section where parents should be watching and there are cameras... plus the Wi-Fi here is being monitored, so this library gets a very big NOPE from me! [Central Library]


Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you had a negative experience at our library branch. We strive to maintain a positive environment for all that visit the library. If you’d like to speak further on your experience, please feel free to contact Administration at 936-788-8377. Thank you.

Comments regarding the new website:

Hey @MCMLS, your updated website looks FABULOUS!!! Great job! *smile emoji* So clear, clean, and easy to find stuff.

The new website is awesome!! What an amazing job Lindsay. *smile emoticon*


Thank you for your feedback about our new website. We are glad to hear that you enjoy the changes!

Geocaching Comments

In the afternoon I visited the library to do the multi cache here. Cool hide! I left a bunch of TBs here. Thank you for the multi cache! Greetings from Germany!

Out with [name withheld] and [name withheld] on a pleasant day in The Woodlands. This was found 12 for the day - a fun find! Have a fav. All was in excellent shape.


We are so happy that you enjoyed the search for our geocaches!

E-NEWS Comments

No comments this month.

E-NEWS Comments

Patron (name withheld): Do you accept books from local authors for your collection? I have several published books and would love to donate copies to the library. They are all listed on Amazon under my full name. Thanks!

MCMLS Response: Yes, we do accept donations of all types, and I have already received and processed your books that you donated. They will be included in future little library collections as we rotate the books out at the different locations. Thank you for supporting the library!

Patron (name withheld): Thank you so much! When I've donated to Free Little Libraries previously, there were no sticker tags. I was a little worried my books would be tossed! Again, thank you so much!

MCMLS Response: No problem! We process all the donations once we swap out the books and notice new ones have been placed in the unit. They get the spine stickers put on and are then added into the rotating collections.