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Central Library

You guys do Conroe and Montgomery County proud. Great library. Friendly and helpful staff.


Thank you for the nice compliment! We are happy that you have had a positive experience here at MCMLS!

A library staff member walked up to me on 3/23/18 after 5pm while I sat in front of the library. She asked if I was 18 and I asked why? The staff member mentioned the policy. While I understand that it is the policy, I felt offended by the question because I think she could’ve asked more politely as I certainly don’t look 18.


Thank you for your comment. We are always concerned about the safety of our patrons who are left after closing time. As you are aware, younger patrons may need extra assistance in getting a ride home. I’m sure our staff member was concerned for your safety and I’m sorry if you were offended in any way.

  1. Ghost Adventures
  2. Criminal Minds
  3. Elvis Presley 1968 Comeback Special


Thank you for your recommendations. Criminal Minds is already available in our system. Please check with a librarian to assist you during your next visit. In regard to the remaining suggestions, we will pass those along to the Collection Development Coordinator for consideration, based on our policy and as our budget allows.

Please purchase more books in the Garbage Gang series by Thomas Troupe!!! Also why don’t we have more graphic novels for ages 7-13? We want books to engage more kids in this age group!! 1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid; 2. Dog Man, etc. Please use the money for the good books.


Thank you for your suggestions. We will look at the books in the Garbage Gang series for possible purchase. Graphic Novels for all ages are purchased in our library system and we do carry the titles that you mentioned. However, they are very popular titles and there are times when they must be reserved from other libraries. We do try to purchase the majority of the most popular titles, but we also must purchase books that reach a wide variety of readers.

Genealogy & Local History Room

Everyone on staff was very helpful & knowledgeable. Thanks

Excellent references & administrative folks!


Thank you for your kind words. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Do another Beginning DNA. I missed the first one.


Thank you for your suggestion. We are sorry you missed the last DNA workshop, and we plan on doing another class sometime in the near future. Please check back to the events page on our website ( periodically to find out when the next DNA workshop will be offered.

I enjoyed my first visit here! You know, I’ll be back too!


We are glad you had a pleasant time at the library and hope to see you back soon.

Malcolm Purvis Library

I love this library.


Thank you for your positive comments. We are pleased that you enjoy visiting the library.

Return of Wi-Fi that lets you on YouTube on your phone or mobile device would be nice.


Due to the library's filtered internet access, certain sites (including Facebook and YouTube) are not accessible when connected to the Wi-Fi. However, public access computers are available at all library branch locations. Access to a variety of social media sites is available with identification stating you are 18 years of age or older.

Make a play area for kids!


Thank you for your suggestion. We hope to add an early literacy play area in the near future.

Please elongate the time on the computers. I came and was only able to insert a couple words before the computer shut off—my project is unfinished. Thank you for your consideration.

Make the computers turn off later because that’s the only reason I came here because I thought that would last until they are closed.


Public computers in all Montgomery County Memorial Library locations shut off 15 minutes prior to closing. However, some of our locations are open several nights a week until nine. Please visit to locate a branch convenient to you with later hours.

Aleister Crowley.


I assume you are looking for books about Aleister Crowley. I’m sorry you were unable to find a book while you were visiting the library. Please stop at the reference desk to find out about requesting a book from another branch or through the inter-library loan program. We also have a great database, BIOGRAPHY IN CONTEXT, you can access at home or in the library via the Research Databases link under the eLibrary tab at

Charles B. Stewart-West Branch Library

Windows 10 computers for updated learning. Thanks.


Newer computers do have Windows 10 installed on them, although the interface is set up to look more like the Windows 7 desktop. Public computers that do not have Windows 10 on them are scheduled to be replaced this year, so we should have Windows 10 on all computers in the near future. If you are running into issues with the computers ask staff at the Reference Desk. Thank you.

R. B. Tullis Branch Library

PajamaRama was so much fun! Great program!

Awesome time at Baby & Me. Excellent program.


Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! We have a lot of fun planning our programs and we’re so glad you had fun! Please come back and see us soon.

I cannot tell you how we enjoyed storytime! As an elementary school teacher for the past 9 years, my heart was overjoyed with everything the storyteller did! She kept the kids engaged not only with her stories, but also songs, poems and craft. We loved it and cannot wait to come back.


Thank you so much for your high praise! Our staff pours their hearts into all of our programs and I’m so glad you felt it! We can’t wait to see you again!

Please get more Christian DVDs: Christine Caine Joyce Meyer Tony Evans John Christ just to name a few.


Thank you for your suggestion. We will pass this on to the staff member who orders DVDs.

I’m concerned that there is not any help for Senior Citizens who cannot do some items for themselves. I was in need of someone to type a letter for me. Where should I look but our Public Library? I have also been a volunteer. I suggest maybe a young person. Thank you.


Thank you very much for your comment. All of our staff members are dedicated and willing to help patrons of all ages as they use the library and the services we offer. However, due to liability issues, staff members are not able to type letters for our patrons, enter information in forms or to complete online applications. Staff will assist library users in getting started with basic computer use as staff time and availability of trained personnel permits. We would be glad to help you find other organizations that may assist you with typing.

George & Cynthia Woods Mitchell Library

I love using the Hoopla app, but lately I cannot get anything checked out due to the daily borrowing limits. I've even tried to borrow at 7am and got the following message: “The collective daily borrow limit set by your library has been reached and will reset at midnight. Please browse and add titles to favorites so you can easily access them after midnight.” Who wants to stay up until midnight to borrow? Can we please get the limits increased?


We’re glad to hear that you enjoy Hoopla. It has become increasingly popular among library cardholders. Unfortunately, the daily borrowing limit directly corresponds to the budgeted amount we have available for the service. We are currently unable to increase the daily limit because of the limited funding we have available for Hoopla in our annual budget. We are aware of the frustration that the daily lending limit poses, and regret the inconvenience. We will share your concern with library administration.

On Hoopla I’ve checked every day and get the same error message. Is there only a certain number of licenses or something? When will this be resolved? Thanks!


We regret that you are having this issue, which results from our budget limitations. Each patron checkout costs the library a set amount, so we have limits in place (both daily and monthly) to make sure that we do not exceed our budget. Hoopla is a popular program, and the available funding can be used up very quickly, particularly at the beginning of the month. The daily budget resets at midnight and has recently been running out around 7 - 8am. From last month's statistics, it seems that the daily budget tends to last longer the farther along we are in the month. As a result, I’d advice attempting to checkout either much earlier in the morning, or waiting until the middle of the month and trying for a 6 - 7am checkout time.

I am trying to place a book on hold and the prompt says privilege expired. What does this mean?


The "Privilege Has Expired" message means that your library card has expired and needs to be renewed. Library cards expire every two years, and they can be renewed at any of our locations with your valid photo ID. You will need to visit a library branch in person to renew your card as library cards cannot be renewed online or over the phone. If you need to extend your privilege for two weeks in order to access your account until you can come in, please call the library. You will need to have your library card number and your driver’s license number available.

I would like to renew [ILL item] as I was only given 4 days in which to read it. If it is necessary for me to come in, I can do that on Monday the 5th of March. (name withheld)


We were able to obtain a renewal for your ILL item. The new due date is Tuesday, March 27. Please let us know if you need anything else.

I am a senior at The Woodlands High School and I was wondering if I could do some community service during the week. I recently got a ticket and need volunteer hours. My friend has done community service hours here in the past and I would love to be able to receive my time needed at this library.


Sorry to hear about the ticket! Unfortunately, our library does not accept community service volunteers. Your friend probably volunteered at the South Regional branch of the library system, located at 2101 Lake Robbins across from Market Street. South Regional ordinarily accepts community service volunteers, but I just checked with their manager and they do not have any available volunteer assignments at this time. You can find a list of additional organizations that accept community service volunteers on the website of the Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace. Good luck with your community service assignment!

I would like to request a volunteer form for the summer.

I'm interested in volunteering over the summer, are there any more slots available? If so, am I supposed to come to the library and fill it out, or is it possible for me to print it out at home?


In order to be a teen volunteer at the Mitchell Library, you will need to register to attend a Teen Volunteer Orientation session and fill out a volunteer application. Unfortunately, there is currently a wait list for the May 22 orientation because of the high interest in volunteering during the summer session. If you would like to join the wait list, go to and click the "Join Waiting List" button in the calendar entry for MITCHELL Teen Volunteer Orientation on Tuesday, May 22 from 5:30-6:30pm. I've attached a volunteer application to this email if you would like to fill it out. You can drop it off at the library, scan and return it via email, or bring it to orientation. Our Teen Librarian is keeping track of the registration list and would be able to let you know closer to the date if an opening is likely to become available.

Hi! I was wondering if there were any openings for volunteering at the library, so that I could apply. If there are, please let me know, and if there aren't any, thank you for your time.


Our branch has a very active teen (ages 13 to 17) volunteer program. Because of the size of that program, our volunteer opportunities for adults are very limited. I've attached a copy of our volunteer application, however, and we'd be glad to talk with you in more detail about your interests and your availability. The South Montgomery County Friends of the Library, our supporting partner organization, also offers volunteer opportunities, both in the Friends Shop located at the library and in association with their annual book sale in March. You can contact the Friends through their website, or by email at . Or call the Friends Shop at 936-442-7728, extension 6336, between 10am and 4pm to leave a message for the manager of the Friends Shop here at Mitchell. Thank you for your interest in supporting the library with your time!

On March 12th, I placed a hold on [DVD title], for pick up at Mitchell Library. I thought it was already at Mitchell Library, and showed available, but the hold still says pending. Is the material available for pick up? If not, will it be soon? Thank you. (name withheld)


The Mitchell Library copy of the item is currently checked out by another patron and is not available. The item was borrowed on March 12th. Our staff pulls the holds each day around 2pm. It is likely that the item was checked out between the time that you placed the hold and the time the library staff pulled the items on the hold list from the shelf. While checking on your hold, we noticed that you had placed an item specific request on the Mitchell copy. However, there is a copy currently available at our Magnolia branch that could be brought over for you in the next 2-3 days. We’ve switched your item specific request to a request for the first available item and will contact the Magnolia staff to put the item in transit to our location to fill your request.

I will be in The Woodlands for cancer treatment next week. Can I get a temporary library card?


Unfortunately, we do not offer temporary library cards for use in the library itself. However, we do offer a Temporary Online Access card. The Temporary Online Access card expires after 14 days and can be used for digital services only. If you are interested in acquiring one of these temporary access cards please use this link to access the online application. Alternatively, if you have a valid Texas driver’s license with your current local address—and a little time before or after your appointment—you could also stop by any Montgomery County Memorial Library System location to register for an MCMLS library card. The library card would be valid for two years and could be used to check out books and other materials, as well as for online access.

I’d like to see more books by Raina Telgemeier.


We would, too! And, on the good news front, she is currently working on her latest book, per her website! In the meantime, our library system owns copies of all four of her graphic novels for young adults, as well as her four graphic novel adaptations of titles in Ann M. Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club series, which are aimed at younger readers. If you don’t see the particular title you’re interested in on the shelf at the library, it might be checked out. Just ask at one of our service desks and we’d be glad to place a hold on the title for you, so that you can be in line to read it next.

I wanted to comment on the superb customer service I receive when booking meeting rooms. It’s clear that good service is given a high priority at your library. Laci and Donna are always kind, courteous, prompt to return calls, and willing to assist in any possible way—just what customer service should be!


Thank you for sharing your positive reaction to the service you’ve received! We will share your favorable comments with Laci and Donna.

A picnic table/lunch area outside would be wonderful for families!


Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestion. We will take it under consideration.

Get an ATM for fines.


Placing an ATM in a county library would be a complex project involving multiple county departments and, ultimately, the approval of the county Commissioners’ Court. Given the nominal amount of library fines—ten cents a day—and the generous policy that allows patrons to continue borrowing materials as long as their total fines and fees are under $25, adding an ATM on library property is not likely to be as much of a convenience for patrons as it would seem at first glance—and it would probably be a money-losing proposition for any ATM servicing company!

I love the library and that is all.

Thank you for sharing your library-love! Hope you have a very happy National Library Week, April 8-14!

South Regional Library

This Confederate history display is awesome! Thank you for doing it!!

I really appreciate your positive support for the Montgomery County history with your Confederate display of education. So interesting & my children loved it!

GRRREAT Confederate display right in your entry! VERY WELL DONE. Staff is terrific!

This display is highly offensive and threatening to people of color. The South fought for the cause of white supremacy. This should not be celebrated.


Thank you for your input on both viewpoints. As a library, our goal is to provide a neutral place to learn more about new subjects, and to learn about our history. The display cases are open to use by any non-profit group or individual where the display fulfills an educational, cultural or intellectual purpose. The cases have held displays on everything from war memorabilia, airplanes, Legos®, and old tools, to displays celebrating many groups, including Hispanic Heritage month and Black History month. If you would like to setup a display, speak to a library staff member.

Please put shelves under outdoor book return slots.


I will pass on your request to Library Administration.

I love the Hoopla service. I have enjoyed so many of the books, but recently I can’t take out a book because the daily lending limit for the library has been met. Please expand this service.


We are glad that you enjoy using Hoopla. Unfortunately, we are limited to a specific daily limit due to budget restraints.

This is a very clean library.

I love the library because they help us.

This library is awesome no adjustments needed.


We are glad that you had a great experience at the library!

Hoping the library can acquire Max Lugavere’s book Genius Foods.


I will pass your suggestion on to the acquisitions department for consideration.

I like the book and movies that you have. I hope I can get more.


The library purchases items as funding is available.

Esta muy bien la libreria, pongan mas sillas para sentarse.


Gracias por tu comentario. Estamos tratando de agregar más mesas y asientos en el futuro.

Library of Lake Robbins Rd. is not very accommodating to AARP tax people.


Thank you for your input. As our community grows, our meeting rooms are in high demand. The library provides a free meeting room for AARP to use for six weeks, three days a week for 6 hours each day. Accommodations are also made for AARP to store equipment in the storage area, and library staff relocates those items to their offices or other staff areas. For further discussion about this topic, please speak to the Branch Manager, Lynn Garcia.

Every time I come to this library and the community holds events across the building I never have a place to park. I fail to understand the purpose of around ten signs that say towing is enforced when no one comes and tows. I am very upset that tis continually happens.

Please patrol the parking lot during festivals. Very frustrating to try and use the library and it is full due to people parking and attending the event.

Please patrol the parking lot when there are events at Town Green so that library patrons can have a place to park.

Need to send sheriff or constable to patrol and enforce the parking lot at the library when there is an event next door.


We apologize for the inconvenience with parking during these events. The Art show this weekend has provided for police presence to enforce parking in the library lot. Unfortunately, there were many spaces taken up for two days to allow for vendors to drop off materials and artists to set up their displays. Hopefully in the future there will be a solution provided that will benefit the library and the community as a whole.

R. F. Meador Branch Library

We love Paw Patrol. Could you stock some?


Thank you for the suggestion! We can look into ordering Paw Patrol items as budget/Collection Development policies allow. In the meantime, there are some Paw Patrol items available in our Consortium of libraries which you can request and pick up at Meador. Please ask Sophie or Kim at the Children’s Desk. And if you want more items like Paw Patrol, be sure and check out our BookButler service. A librarian can find you some books very similar!

Please order Dark Angel by Elly Griffith. You have all the others.


Dark Angel is on order, and we have requested a copy for you on your card. Remember, if you don’t see a copy of the book you want on the shelf, it may already be ordered, or we may be able to order a copy from our Consortium. We love reading a whole book series, and know you do too!

Facebook Comments

MCMLS posted a picture of an empty display case and the note “Please be patient. Our display on procrastination will be up soon.”

Patron (name withheld): Procrastinate for Procrastination Week! Love it! *cry-laugh emoji*

Email & Online Comments

Hello. The "Events for All Ages" tab shows the calendar of events. Unfortunately, it does not present the event I go to every last Thursday of the month: Spanish Conversation Club. I feel that if that was listed, maybe more participants would be alerted of and join this free club. Thank you for your time. [Central Library]


Thank you for your feedback! I am so glad you are enjoying that program and want others to know about it. I will forward this message to the coordinator of the program to make sure we have it listed on our calendar of events every month.

I'd like to suggest the book Perceptions. It is an academic book with 240 citations arguing for the scientific method instead of theology and religion. Here is a link to a free sample.

I would like to suggest Perceptions by Sam Mansourou ISBN 9781512068269


Thank you for your purchase suggestions! Unfortunately, there are no professional reviews for the title so we cannot consider it for our collection, as it does not meet our Materials Selection policy.

Very nice and clean. Employees are extremely helpful and friendly. I constantly go there and I have never had a bad experience. They have all of my favorite books and I can get in and out of there quickly since it’s so organized. I can’t wait to back soon. [South Regional Library]

Love this place very quiet when I go. Staff is super nice. [R.B. Tullis Branch Library]


Thank you for the nice compliments! We are happy that you have had positive experiences at our MCMLS libraries!

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